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Tools for IT service management: ticketing, SLA auditing tools, monitoring, etc.

We provide ticketing systems, SLA management, combined with monitoring systems, agreement management and service internal and external accounting systems.

Service goal: to help IT teams, IT managers to achieve their goals more efficiently by software tools provide facts, numbers, metrics, reports.

Level 2 and level 3 support: specialists behind the IT team

If you need special skills that you don’t have in-house or you need more capacity, we can provide those skills and support your team with Level2/Tier2 or Level3/Tier3 services. Your benefits:

  • Highly qualified IT resources: Our experts have international certificates from global companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, VMware, etc.

  • Safe and long term business connection: We stay in the background and have no client communication since we only provide the 2nd or 3rd line of the service (we are far away geographically and work remotely).

  • You can increase your margin: We are an on-demand resource, so you don’t have to pay permanent fees or salaries for this kind of workforce. Pay as you require our services (in 15 minute intervals).

What kind of partners are we looking for?

Our ideal partner is a company that:

  • Provides IT infrastructure related projects or services, or software developer teams,

  • wants to improve their competitiveness and/or margin,

  • or just needs a local IT team in Central and/or East Europe.

Guarantees we offer

Processes which are transparent and easy to follow. Ticketing system: Supporting administration and precise record: we do a full range of IT administration from counselling to designing, from supply to installation.  In DOCCA’s ticketing system there are precise records of the supported assets, any claims and tasks of these assets. We can give regular reports of these records (even in an Excel spreadsheet) if our clients wish.

Standards, vocational methods: Our operation is in accordance with ITIL and Lean recommendations. There are also ISO 9001 inner quality assurance auditor, ISO 27001 expert and Lean manager among our colleagues.

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