EDINET & e-Invoice

By the means of electronic data exchange and electronic invoicing service the flow and handling of documents (invoices, orders, delivery notes, etc.) can be automated plus a more effective and closer relationship can be established among business partners while manual tasks are reduced notably. We provide services in collaboration with the Polish Infinite Sp. z o.o.

ediDOCCA OutSource IT Kft. is the Hungarian supplier of Edinet Solutions. We provide electronic commercial and invoicing solutions in collaboration with the Polish Infinite Sp. z o.o. Our clients are big supermarket chains and their suppliers as well as those who work in retail trade, tourism, production and service sectors.

DOCCA attends approximately 400 business partners while Infinite Sp. z o.o has more than 4000 clients in Europe. Edinet service is not industry specified but has a process approach: it makes work more effective (quicker and fail-safer) by automating repetitive processes in everyday business.

The up-to-date technologies we use and our innovation combined with proficiency ensure that we provide the highest standards of service for our clients. Our services extend to the following specialities:


Having a wide range of services that are implemented at a high level and based on international EDI standards, we are one of the leading EDI suppliers in Central Europe. Creating automated processes by processing business datas is at the centre of our service. Using this method, we facilitate and support decision making significantly.


All inclusive PKI and EDI based electronic invoicing solution: creating invoices, sending invoices to the client, receiving incoming invoicing, archiving. This service is in complete accordance with Hungarian laws.


We offer B2B business solutions to help our clients keep in contact with their business partners and synchronize prices and product lists. This service assists to optimize stock even prognose demands and also improves the achievement of global supply chains.


Paperless transactions have become completely general. Our platform provides a long term document preservation service. Our solution , besides preservation, guarantees the uniformity and integrity of the document which is in accordance with the measures of Hungarian electronic document handling.


Our solution supports increased and certified electronic signatures which enables identification and verification of electronic documents.

For further information please visit the website of EDInet: http://hu.edinet-solutions.com/