Request Tracker development & other services

We are heavy users of Best Practical’s Request Tracker (RT) ticketing system. We are not only using, but configuring and developing Request Tracker for our clients. We offer:

  • RT performance tuning
  • Support for Request Tracker scrip and plugin development
  • Version upgrade
  • Pre-development consultation


  • Minor issues, Q&A: €50 ($60)
  • Development, configuring, debugging: €88 ($104)/hour
  • If you send us a short description of your goal, we would give you a quick calculation. You can contact us: here.

Some of our works:

We’ve integrated RT with other systems like these:

  • Request Tracker and Asterisk,
  • Jira
  • vTiger,
  • Odoo/OpenERP,
  • Webcalendar,
  • Google Drive,
  • EDI
  • and e-invoice systems,
  • etc.

We use diverse technology:

  • MQ (RabbitMQ)
  • CLI
  • direct SQL connections
  • simple CSV or XLS interface
  • EDI, XML
  • etc.

So if you need any RT related competency to setup or improve your Request Tracker ticketing system, feel free to contact us.

Besides technical services we do some creative graphical work as well: Request Tracker web design, themes like this one: