Summary: This new extension of the RT makes managig procurement with using combined areas. It lets you make and change a special „spreadsheet” field. This new feature helps handle purchases in groups, making it easier to keep an eye on current orders without having to keep checking with the people who handle buying things.

Buying stuff for our company just got a whole lot easier with our new extension. It’s like a special field that helps keep track of what we buy, from whom, how much, and when it will arrive.

Here’s why this matters: Imagine you have to check again and again if the stuff you ordered is on its way. It eats up time, right? This new extension cuts down on that, freeing up time for everyone.

With this module, we aimed to make the buying process smoother and put all the information in one central spot for easy access.

Some cool features:

  1. Excel Export:
    • Like working with spreadsheets? You can now take all the buying info and export it to Excel. It’s a breeze to do and lets you play around with the data in a way you’re used to.
  2. PDF Export:
    • If you need to share the buying info in a clean, professional way, the PDF export feature is your friend. A couple of clicks, and you’ve got your data in a neat PDF file, ready to be shared or printed.
  3. Data Editing:
    • Made a mistake or need to update some info? No worries. This extension lets you edit the data easily so it’s always up-to-date

The extension is available in both RT 4.4.x and 5.0.x.

If you have any questions regarding the extension, please contact us: here.


Summary: The integration of the DOX system with the O365 Calendar simplifies event creation and its linkage to DOX tickets. This module ensures that cases remain visible, even as their status changes.

Many of you are probably familiar with the user interfaces of Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Imagine the convenience of accessing your calendar directly from DOX and creating events related to your tickets.

With calendar integration, this becomes a reality! Utilizing this module, you can create calendar events directly from your tickets. Additionally, when you add a DOX case to your Microsoft calendar, its subject is automatically incorporated into the calendar entry, with the ticket ID included as a link in the description.

You have the flexibility to configure any additional parameters within the calendar entry, including recurring events.

During the integration process, we create a technical user, which the system automatically includes in the calendar event.

What is the purpose of this technical user? It ensures that if the ticket status changes to stalled or resolved, but the calendar entry time (or the event’s recurrence time) has already passed, the ticket will automatically Open in DOX.

This feature can be especially valuable for those prone to forgetfulness or who might miss tickets deadlines. With the O356 extension, you can guarantee that critical tickets are not overlooked, irrespective of their status.

The extension is available in RT 4.4.x.

If you have any questions regarding the extension, please contact us: here.


Summary: We made a new tool called the „BigBox” extension for RT. It shows special information right at the top of a ticket page. This means users can see important information easily without clicking around. This helps solve problems faster and makes everyone happier.

Git, source code: We still have some work to do to polish the source code, we’ll post that when we’re done. If you need this plugin earlier, let us know and we’ll share the current state of the code.

We created an exciting extension on the block that takes RT’s capabilities up a notch – the „BigBox” extension. This extension, designed to highlight custom fields of type wikitext that incorporate specific markers, opens up new possibilities for case management and customization within RT.

In the default setup of the extension, the BigBox type custom field is positioned above the case history section in the base view of the case. This strategic placement ensures that important and relevant information is readily accessible to support without the need to navigate through multiple tabs or sections. The custom field can be edited in a larger textarea or using CKEditor.

With its ability to strategically position these custom fields above the case history section, the extension ensures that crucial information is readily available to support, ultimately leading to more efficient issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction. As businesses continue to seek ways to enhance their support and case management processes, the BigBox extension stands out as a game-changing solution that combines functionality, user-friendliness, and collaboration in one powerful package.

The extension is available for both RT 4.4.x and RT 5.0.x.

If you have any questions regarding the extension, please feel free to reach out to us at the following email address: or you can contact us: here.