Summary: GroupsByQueue is an innovative extension designed to create and manage two user groups in the queue system:

  • Read-Only Access Group (_R): This group is tailored for users who need to view tickets without making any changes. Ideal for team members who need to stay informed without directly modifying ticket content.
  • Read-Write Access Group (_RW): Created for users who require full access to read and modify tickets. This group is perfect for those actively working on resolving issues or updating ticket statuses.

The beauty of GroupsByQueue lies in its simplicity. Once your queue has been established, all you need to do is:

  1. Navigate to your queue in update mode.
  2. At the top of the form, you’ll find a checkbox. Simply check it.
  3. GroupsByQueue will automatically create the two user groups (_R and _RW), aligning them with the specified access levels.

Some cool features:

  • Efficiency: Automated group creation saves valuable time and minimizes manual errors.
  • Flexibility: Easy configuration allows for quick adjustments to user access levels.
  • Organization: Clear separation of read-only and read-write groups enhances workflow and reduces confusion.

The extension is available for RT 5.0.x.

If you have any questions regarding the extension, please contact us: here.


Summary: This new extension of the RT simplifies managing employee leave. It features an employee leave register, automated leave balance updates, and a sick leave tracker. The module includes a visual calendar for scheduling, customizable alerts, and comprehensive reporting tools.

Managing employee leave can be a real headache. Where do you record it? How do you keep track of everyone’s remaining leave days? Well, guess what? Our new Leave Management module in the DOX system is here to make your life easier.

No more wrestling with Excel sheets or juggling external programs. Now, everything you need to track annual leave and sick leave is integrated right into DOX. This makes the whole process smoother and way more efficient.

Here’s the scoop on how it works: The Leave Register module lets you record the exact duration and start date of each employee’s leave. It keeps tabs on how much leave they get in a year and how much they’ve already taken. The system dynamically calculates used days and remaining days. And the best part? It manages sick leave separately. So, you get a clear picture of everything.

At the start of the year, you can update leave data for all employees in a snap. And throughout the year? Just track the changes. The system always provides up-to-date info, so you’re never in the dark.

The extension is available for RT 5.0.x.

If you have any questions regarding the extension, please contact us: here.