RT Extension: Transaction Emoji

Summary: This plugin displays emojis (aka emoticons) for RT ticket transactions, allowing users to provide feedback with one click.

Git, source code: We still have some work to do to polish the source code, we’ll post that when we’re done. If you need this plugin earlier, let us know and we’ll share the current state of the code.





In the realm of modern business operations and customer service, efficient communication and collaboration are important. The ability to feedback quickly and accurately can impact the success of projects and the satisfaction of clients. 

We has created a game-changing feature known as „Transaction Emoji,” an extension designed to revolutionize the way of interacts.

As you may know, one of the core functionalities of RT is its transaction system. Every interaction or change within a ticket is recorded as a transaction. This system ensures a transparent and detailed history of all actions taken on an issue, providing a comprehensive view of the issue’s evolution. However, the text-based nature of transactions can sometimes fall short in conveying emotions, urgency, or approval, which are crucial aspects of effective collaboration.

This extension enables users to embed emojis as reactions to transactions, offering a more nuanced and expressive way of conveying thoughts and feelings.


Imagine a scenario where a software development team is working on a critical issue reported by a client. The team successfully identifies the root cause, devises a solution, and implements it within the ticket. With the Transaction Emoji extension, team members can react to this resolution with an appropriate emoji—a thumbs-up (👍) to signal approval, a celebration (🎉) emoji to express success, or even a fire (🔥) emoji to highlight the urgency and importance of the fix. These emojis transcend the limitations of text, instantly communicating sentiment and enhancing the overall quality of communication.

If you have any questions regarding the extension, please feel free to reach out to us at the following email address: or you can contact us: here.